Hybris (Demo 2017)

by Chayoth Ha Kadesh

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This is the first realease from Chayoth Ha Kadesh. Now right is on project a Full Album Called "UD", means "Heroism" on Summerian language. With this first release "Hybris" i want talk about ancient and real satanism, and the mistakes about names like Satan or Lucifer.

All this beliefs they come from ancients civilizations.

"Hybris" talk about this people...this gods.

Welcome to the most primitive beliefs of human being.


released May 30, 2017

Agustin Prieto does: Guitars and Keys, screams and programming drumms. All in this project has been created by Agustin Prieto Melguizo, edition, production, video, graphic design...with poor tools.

For more info please visit me on: www.facebook.com/chayothhakadesh/

...and: www.youtube.com/channel/UCO-l3NJ9vStVIVTeUTaKJSA

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Chayoth Ha Kadesh Granada, Spain

Originally from Granada, Spain, and I've been listening to Black Metal since the year 90. For about 13 years I have been imagining a world of desolation and beauty through the guitar and keyboards. Using orchestrations alongside fast but melodic guitars.
All this has been created with very old and obsolete tools .... very Black metal !!
And at last ... "Hybris".
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Track Name: Hybris
Two thirds from him are god one third human,

the form from his body like a great wild bull

Daynight are unleashed his arrogance

¿Is Gilgamesh the watcher from Uruk?

Aruru... will made a man than fight with him

Make a fight than will be kill theyselfs

When Aruru hear this, take sand take light and sun

Brave Enkidu, your hair rise like Nisabal

[Betrayed Betrayed]


...Goes like Sumuqan

With goats shared life, with wild beast sleep underground.

Then arrive the daylight and one fate are in one hand

[Annu Annu]

But Enlil says: !Enkidu shall die but Gilgamesh dont!

Enkidu´s pain

your body is sick

you will fall behind us

Track Name: From great above to great below (Innana´s descent)
From great above - she open her mind - to great below.

From great above - the godness open her mind - to great below.

From great above - Inanna open her mind - to great below.

O Father Enlil, dont allow than your daughter will be sacrifice in the underworld.

Naked and fear - Inanna walk slowly - Ereshkigal on the throne

Anunna take her soul - Judges of the underworld - They claim her

guilty - She put knees on the floor - They´ve got thirst

and then Ereshkigal - brings dead over Inanna - Talk against she his word of hungry - Shout against her a screamof fault.

Inanna turn into a rotten corpse, a piece of rotten flesh, and was sling ina claw over the wall.

When after three days - and three nights - Inanna dont come back, Ninshubur awake a cry in her name play horns.

Father Enki :
“¿Whats wrong? ¿what is about my daughter? ¡Inanna! ¡Queen of all grounds! ¡Sacred priestess of heavens!
Track Name: Anthems
¡Holy flambeau! ¡You fulfill the sky with light! ¡Clear that day for dawn!

¡Majestically overwhelm Mistress of goddess Annuna! ¡You fulfill the sky and ground with light!

Powerfull, her majesty, and shining, Bright more than the sun.
Clear that day for dawn, Rise on heavens like the sun and the moon.

Shine like a lightning above high lands.

Your frightning crying loud from heaven eating her victims.

Powerfull, her majesty, and shining, Bright more than the sun.
Clear that day for dawn, Rise on heavens like the sun and the moon.
Track Name: Huluppu
“O Utu, in the days when fates made... In those times, a tree, a lonely tree, a Huluppu tree grown on the grounds of Eufrates. The wind of south gash him roots y tear him branch until was taken by the river Eufrates.
take the tree from the riverside; Bring to my holy secret garden. Take care for the tree in await for my throne and my shining bed.
Then made her nest on the roots tree a snake than couldnt be bewitched. The Anzu bird put her lils on the tree branchs and the obscure maiden Lilith build her house on the log. And i cry. ¡How i cry!
Gilgamesh brave warrior, Gilgamesh, Uruk´s hero.
Gilgamesh beat the snake than couldnt be bewitched.The Anzu bird fly with her lils to the mountains and Lilith wreck her house and run off to the wild and lonely places. Then Gilgamesh, sink the huluppu´s roots..and him branchs was taken by the sons of the city.
From the log of the tree Gilgamesh make a throne for him holy sister . From the log of the tree Gilgamesh make a bed for Inanna. From the tree´s roots she make a pukku for him, her brother. From the tree´s crown make a mikku for Gilgamesh, the Uruk´s hero."